Garbage Disposal Districts Businesses, Apartments, and Multi-unit Dwellings
Garbage Disposal Districts (GDD) are areas within the unincorporated County of Los Angeles where garbage collection and disposal services are provided to residents and businesses by private waste haulers who contract with the Los Angeles County Public Works. GDD services include collection of refuse, recyclables, and green waste from their respective carts or dumpsters, as well as, unlimited collection of bulky items and electronic waste, upon request, at no additional charge.

Organic Waste Collection Service is coming soon to the County unincorporated communities!

Organic Waste is material that comes from living organisms such as, but not limited to, food, food scraps, food soiled paper, paper products, yard or green waste, wood, manure, and organic textiles like cotton.

On November 16, 2021, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors adopted the Mandatory Organic Waste Disposal Reduction Ordinance. The Ordinance ensures everyone does their part in diverting organic waste and edible food from landfills to reduce emissions of methane and the impacts on climate change. The Ordinance is also required per State Senate Bill 1383 regulations.

The Ordinance requires all businesses and residents in the County unincorporated communities to subscribe to organic waste collection services. Self-hauling is also allowed under certain circumstances.

Stay tuned for updates!
District Information
Dumpster Service
Businesses, apartments, and multi-unit dwellings may choose to receive dumpsters or multiple sets of containers, in appropriate sizes and quantities, based on their property use classification. They are also entitled to a FREE recycling and/or green waste container. Please call your waste hauler to arrange for dumpster service.
For any other inquiries please contact L.A. County Public Works, Garbage Disposal District Hotline at (800) 404-4487
Special Services
Annual Clean-Up Campaign - Each year on designated Saturdays during the month of April and/or May, an Annual Clean-up Campaign is conducted throughout each of the Garbage Disposal Districts. During the campaign, large household discards, such as furniture, stoves, rugs, and electronics may be set out in unlimited amounts at your regular trash collection location.
Bulky Items and Electronic Waste - Large household items and electronics, such as furniture, refrigerators, mattresses, water heaters, televisions, and computers will be collected upon request in unlimited quantities at no charge. Call your Garbage Disposal District hauler to schedule an appointment.
Holiday Tree Recycling - Holiday trees will be collected during a 2 week period following the Holiday. Please place your holiday tree at your set out site on your regular trash day for collection.
HOLIDAY COLLECTION SCHEDULE - There will be no trash collection service on the following holidays:
● New Year’s Day - January 1
● Memorial Day
● Independence Day - July 4
● Labor Day
● Thanksgiving Day
● Holiday Day - December 25
Collections for the remainder of the week after the holiday will be delayed by one day.
Additional Information