Parkway Trees
Use the Tree Services Locator to determine if the parkway trees in your area are maintained by Public Works.

Tree Planting

Public Works encourages resident participation in the expansion and renewal of our urban forest. In order to ensure the proper species selection, planting and sustainability of the new tree, we require that all planting be coordinated with the appropriate Road Maintenance District Urban Forestry Unit.

In general trees are planted in one of two ways.
  1. Public Works plants a tree.
    If you would like Public Works to plant a tree please fill out our online Parkway Tree Request Form. The Urban Forestry Unit will review the request and respond to you with our recommended course of action.
  2. The property owner plants a tree.
    With a permit from Public Works, you can also plant a tree in the parkway if you are the owner of the property adjacent to the parkway. Please apply for a Road Encroachment Permit to plant a tree. Please refer to the EpicLA Road Encroachment User Guide for help on submitting an application.

How to Plant a Tree

Whether Public Works plants a tree or the property owner plants a tree it should be planted in the correct manner so that it can thrive. If you wish to plant a tree in the parkway adjacent to your property, the Urban Forestry Unit assigned to your area will provide you with specific instructions on how to plant and water the new tree along with the issued permit. For more information on the care of the tree during its establishment period, please refer to the Parkway Tree Care Door Hanger on our Brochures and Flyers page.

Choosing the Right Place

The Urban Forestry Unit will also help to select the right place to plant the tree although you can click on the following document to see what the proper spacing should be as a preliminary check.

Minimum Tree Spacing Requirements - This will allow you to determine if a tree can fit in the parkway in front of your house. The minimum distances between the new trees and adjacent infrastructure is to provide adequate space for the tree to grow, minimize future root damage and to prevent the tree from being damaged by passing and parking vehicles.

Choosing the Right Tree

Each Road Maintenance District has a list of recommended tree species that can be planted in the district. Don't know which district you are located in? Use the Tree Services Locator page to determine which district you are in and an appropriate tree for your area.
If your street currently has a predominant species of tree and it remains a recommended species for planting in the County parkway, the new tree will be of the same species. This standard applies for when the resident plants their own tree as well.