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Order of Business for Meetings of Los Angeles County HSC

I. Call to order of meeting by the Chair or Acting Chair.

II. Pledge of Allegiance.

III. Roll call.

IV. Review additions, corrections, or amendments of the minutes of the previous meeting.

V. Report on appeals for current meeting.

A. Appeal is introduced by Chair.

B. Staff makes presentation on appeal.

C. The appellant has five minutes to present his/her case for the appeal. All other presenters thereafter will be allotted one minute each. The Chair has the discretion to extend the time allotted to appellants and presenters.

D. The Commission commences discussion with staff and attending persons. The Commission has an option to make its final decision at the first or successive meetings, as the Commission deems appropriate.

E. Per Roberts Rules of Order, when the Chair finds it is the appropriate time to render a decision, a Commissioner makes a motion that needs to be seconded and discussed before a vote is cast.

F. Per Roberts Rules of Order, discussion continues until the Chair determines the Commission is ready to cast a vote.

G. Per Roberts Rules of Order, the motion is decided by majority vote.
VI. Report on items of business other than appeals for current meeting.

VII. Reports from special committees.

VIII. Special orders.

IX. Unfinished business and general notes.

X. New business.

XI. Date for next meeting announced and motion to adjourn.

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