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What is reuse?
Ways to Reuse - Canvas Bags

Many items we throw away have the potential to be reused. Reusing allows you to get the most out of the products you buy and saves you money. Additionally, reusing products conserves natural resources and valuable landfill space.

When you have determined that an item can't possibly be reused for its original purpose--call upon your imagination. You will soon find much of what you thought was trash is made up of many valuable resources you can reuse again.

Why should you 'reuse'?
  • To reduce disposal needs and costs
  • Cost savings for businesses and consumers as a reusable product is often less expensive than the many single use products it replaces
  • Keeps goods and material out of the waste stream
How can I reuse water bottles?

Reusing water bottles is the practice of refilling and reusing plastic or glass water bottles designed for one use. To reuse, rinse bottles with warm soapy water or vinegar solution to kill bacteria.