Adopt-a-Bike Path Program

The Mission

The Los Angeles County Adopt-A-Bike Path Program provides individuals, families, businesses, organizations, and public agencies with a unique opportunity to gain prominent recognition while beautifying the environment within their own communities. By collecting litter, sweeping, and trimming vegetation along bike paths participants foster community pride, and save taxpayer dollars.

Adopt-a-Bike-Path Program Seal with bikers riding next to water channel


We Commit To The Following Incentives:

  • We will pay for and install two (2) recognition signs, one at each end of your adopted stretch in the direction of travel. The size of the signs will be determined by the Department. Each sign will include a panel that prominently displays your name with an attached flip-down travel warning sign. Both signs will remain at the designated locations during the entire two-year period. Participants may also choose, at their cost, to provide us with customized recognition panels that incorporate logos or insigniasPlease note: products, slogans, telephone and fax numbers, Internet or E-mail addresses, and street names or directions may not be placed on customized sign panels.
  • We will acknowledge your contribution to the Adopt-A-Bike Path Program in a press release to local community newspapers and social media. A copy of the release will be forwarded to you for your records.
  • We will provide your group leader with safety training before your cleanup effort begins. We will also lend you safety gear, including hard hats, vests, and gloves for the duration of the agreement. Additional equipment and supplies will be provided as needed and as available.
  • We will provide trash bags and will collect and dispose of all trash collected.
  • We will issue the necessary permit free of charge.
  • We will give you an attractive Certificate of Appreciation when your adoption is over.

In Return You Commit To:

  • A work plan that may include litter removal, path sweeping, and trimming and vegetation along a specified section of County bike path for a period of two years.
  • Carrying out the work plan a minimum of four (4) times per year, or more.
  • Notifying the Bikeway Coordinator at least 48 hours prior to each cleanup effort.
  • Reviewing and following all safety and permit requirements before each cleanup effort begins.
  • Replacing, if needed, the customized sign panels provided to us.

Safety First and Foremost

Common sense and personal responsibility are “musts” for each program participant! Locations are selected to reduce risk; however, everyone must realize that they are working on active bike paths with potential conflicts with bike path users. While we want our bike paths to be well maintained, your safety comes first.

We ask that you protect yourself and others by taking the following precautions:


  • Put the hard hats, safety vests and gloves on before entering the bike path. Baseball or other soft caps are no substitute for a hard hat.
  • Wear light-colored clothing, and long pants. Bring plenty of sunscreen.
  • Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes or boots.

Vehicle Use at the Location

  • Motorized vehicles, as defined by the Vehicle Code, are not allowed on the bike path.
  • Carpool whenever possible to the meeting location.
  • Transporting of work materials on the bike path may only be done by non-motorized means.
  • Make arrangements with the County Bikeways Coordinator if you need material or supplies transported to the work location on the bike path.
  • Do not block bike path access roads or gates.
  • Do not park illegally. Park in safe areas.
  • Avoid parking on a bridge, in a tunnel, or on any other structure.

Personal Safety at the Location

  • Enter and exit the bike path at designated locations.
  • Always have a lookout for each direction.
  • Always face oncoming travel on the bike path. Be alert.
  • Never walk in tunnels with less than a 3′ pedestrian walkway.
  • Do not enter drainage facilities.
  • Do not work within flood control channels
  • Do not run, throw objects, or engage in horseplay or any other activity that may distract path users.
  • Always be cautious when crossing the bike path.
  • Drink water to prevent dehydration. Be careful not to overexert yourself.

Work Conditions

  • Do not work on holiday weekends or 24 hours before a holiday weekend.
  • Do not work when it is raining or foggy or when dust is blowing. Avoid working when other conditions reduce visibility for path users.
  • Do not work when the bike path is wet or icy.
  • Stop working before dusk.
  • Do not touch hazardous substances such as powders, chemicals, weapons, sharp objects, or dead animals. When in doubt, contact the Bikeway Coordinator (contact info is stated on permit).
  • Be alert for snakes, stinging insects, and poison oak or ivy.
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages or drugs before or while participating in your cleanup effort.

Remember: Always be Prepared.

Be sure to have a first-aid kit, a cell phone, know your exact location on the bike path, (i.e. San Gabriel River Bike Path south of Culver Bl), the location of the nearest hospital or emergency room, and transportation available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why participate in the Adopt-A-Bike Path Program?

There are over 100 miles of bike paths maintained by the County of Los Angeles and it is the goal of Public Works to provide safe and efficient facilities for the long-term health and well-being of our communities. The challenges of maintaining the bike paths are so great that we are looking to YOU to partner with US. The bike paths are our primary transportation corridors for active transportation and we want to see improved conditions for bicycling and walking that encourage people to choose healthy and active ways to get around.

What can we do?

It’s simple. We’re asking for your help! By taking part in the County’s Adopt-A-Bike Path Program, our overall reach and ability is greatly extended. Participants get personal satisfaction by knowing that they are directly supporting their local community, active transportation and recreational assets.

Is it easy to participate?

Yes. We welcome any group to Adopt-A-Bike Path. Groups can be individuals, businesses, organizations and public agencies. We simply ask you to adopt a section of County-maintained bike path for a period of two years. You may choose to pick up litter, sweep, and/or maintain vegetation along your adopted section. If you wish, you can even do it all! Either way, it doesn’t take too much of your time. In fact the work can be done using your own people or by hiring a contractor. Regardless of the method you choose, you are recognized for your effort.

What are the benefits?

Self-satisfaction coupled with the ability to help ensure the beauty of our diverse landscape rank high among the numerous benefits! In fact, this Program offers one of the few opportunities available that allow the public to help maintain the public amenities in their community. Everyone benefits from your efforts. But, there’s more! We commit to the incentives mentioned above.

Are there some bike paths that cannot be adopted?

Yes. While many bike paths may be adopted through this program, certain stretches may be excluded due to safety or other considerations. Certain sites may also be unsuitable for your group’s age level, or experience, or require more frequent cleanup efforts. However, if you are planning to participate in the County’s Adopt-A-Bike Path program by hiring a professional contractor, nearly any bike path stretch can be adopted.

Where are the County’s Bike Paths? provides you interactive maps and other resources regarding the County’s various Bike Paths and bikeways.

Do I have to sign an Agreement to participate?

Yes. A designated representative from your group must sign the Adopt-A-Bike Path Agreement. The purpose of the agreement is to ensure that the group acknowledges the safety risks of the work and accepts responsibility for their activities. The agreement also outlines the commitments made by the participants and Public Works to help guarantee the program’s success.

Is a Permit necessary?

Yes. Approved permits are necessary for all activities conducted on the County’s bike paths. We issue permits to all participants free of charge because we appreciate your contribution to our communities.

The permit issued to each group participating in the County’s Adopt-A-Bike Path Program is valid for two years and outlines the type of work that will be done and the specific location adopted. The permit may not be transferred to another group. Participants must read and understand the permit and the permit must be carried with a group member each time your group works on the bike path.

Is a One-Day Permit available?

Yes. While we wish everyone could be actively involved in our Adopt-A-Bike Path Program, we realize that a two-year commitment may not be possible for some. We make it possible, therefore, for interested groups to apply for and receive a special one-day permit to carry out work at a specific location.

How do I get started in the Program?

It’s EASY! All you have to do is fill out and submit a completed application.

The County’s Bikeway Coordinator reviews applications and if the bike path section you want to adopt is not available, the Bikeway Coordinator can offer alternative locations available for adoption.

After a completed application for a suitable bike path segment is submitted, your representative will be invited by the Bikeway Coordinator to attend a meeting to finalize your participation in the Program and answer all your questions. At that time, you will then sign the Adopt-A-Bike Path Agreement go over the safety rules and regulations and make arrangements to receive the free permit and necessary supplies.

After that, you’re ready to begin!

Who do I contact?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Los Angeles County Dept. of Public Works Bikeways Coordinator:

Mateusz Suska, or (626) 458-3960

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