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Recycling for Multi-Families

Get involved and show your commitment to your community and the environment by implementing sustainable practices at your property. Educate your residents and get their involvement and together, you can:
  • Help create a healthy environment for your community and future generations
  • Reduce clutter
  • Save your property money
  • Protect the environment by conserving natural resources
  • Comply with State laws AB 341 and AB 1826

What is a Multi-Family Property?

Multi-family properties are residential dwellings of three units or more. For the purposes of AB 341 and AB 1826, multi-family properties of five units or more are considered businesses and are subject to these two laws.

Recycling is the Law

Mandatory Recycling for Multi-Family Residences

Effective July 1, 2012, the State's Mandatory Commercial Recycling law (AB 341) requires all multi-family properties with 5 units or more that generate 4 cubic yards or more of solid waste per week to arrange for recycling services.

Beginning April 1, 2016, the State's Mandatory Organic Waste Recycling law (AB 1826) will phase in requirements for multi-family residences that generate specified amounts of green waste to arrange for recycling services for that material.

For more information on Mandatory Commercial Recycling (AB 341) and Mandatory Organic Waste Recycling Law (AB1826), please visit the California Resources, Recycling, and Recovery website: CalRecycle

Let's Get Started!

Click on the links below to learn how your multi-family property can start saving money and the environment today.

Hauler Services Learn about what services are available to you as a business operating in the Los Angeles County unincorporated areas.

Recycling Resources Find a list of Organic, Recycling, and Educational resources that can help you comply with AB 341 and AB 1826.

County Programs Find out what recycling programs the County offers multi-family properties that can help yours achieve greater sustainability.

Request a Consultation Submit a request for an on-site consultation to learn how you can enhance your property's recycling practices.