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As a multi-family property in the County unincorporated areas, you can receive the following services:
  • Receive a FREE one cubic yard recycling bin or two 96 gallon recycling carts to accommodate storage constraints
  • Additional recycling containers, capacity and frequency will be offered for no more than half of the rate of the same type of trash collection service
  • FREE Bulky item, E-Waste and CEDs collection (limit 5 pick-ups and 5 items per pick-up or 1 annual clean up event with unlimited amounts of bulky items and certain electronics) from your waste hauler. Please provide 24-hour advance request and expect the pick-up on the next regularly scheduled collection day.
  • FREE Holiday tree collection services beginning December 26 and ending January 14, or another period established by LA County
  • FREE Sharps collection, including: hypodermic needles, pen needles, intravenous needles, lancets, and other devices that are used to penetrate the skin.
  • Site visit consultation from your waste hauler to help you identify recycling opportunities
  • Graffiti removal on bins to combat blight
Read more about what services are available to you in the Customer Bill of Rights.

Make sure you are receiving these available services from an authorized franchise waste hauler:

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