Waste Discharge
WDR Feasibility StudiesUpdated
Map of Watersheds and Soft Bottom Reaches
Annual Maintenance and Monitoring Report
Maintenance Clearing Activities Schedule
WDR Working Group Meetings and AttachmentsNew
Maintenance Clearing Activities Schedule
Soft-bottom Channel

The following link to the soft-bottom channel maintenance clearing activities schedule for current year includes soft-bottom channel reach names/numbers, Thomas Guide page, proposed/scheduled start and finish dates for the maintenance clearing activities, and a chart showing the District’s progress. For up-to-date information, please visit this page as the schedule is frequently updated during the storm season. Also, the updates for the current week are highlighted in red text.

New Standard Water Diversion Plan

Modified Water Diversion Plan-Reach 114
Additional Resources
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Plan(HACCP)
Los Angeles County Flood Control District(LACFCD)
Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board (LARWQCB)

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