Waste Discharge
WDR Feasibility StudiesUpdated
Map of Watersheds and Soft Bottom Reaches
Annual Maintenance and Monitoring Report
Maintenance Clearing Activities Schedule
WDR Working Group Meetings and AttachmentsNew
Feasibility Studies

LA River Watershed (Comments were due on July 5, 2013)
Response to Comments – Technical Assessment and Recommendations for the LAR Watershed FS

LA River Watershed Feasibility Study- Final Report
Study Report for MMPP LAR Reaches 24 & 25
San Gabriel (SGR) River Watershed (Comments deadline was on 3/14/2013)
Malibu Canyon and Dominguez Channel (Combined) Watersheds New
Santa Clara River (SCR) Watershed

Additional Resources
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Plan(HACCP)
Los Angeles County Flood Control District(LACFCD)
Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board (LARWQCB)

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