Abstracts of County Documents

The documents contained on this page are not photocopies of the original documents. They were abstracted and typed from the original instruments by County employees in order to preserve a record of transactions involving County or related property. The accuracy of these abstracts has not been verified, and they should be relied upon only for informational purposes. It is recommended that copies of the actual recorded instruments be obtained in order to substantiate the information that you find here.

Conversion Books
Deeds 1-7493, Misc Records 3-337, Road Books 1-43, O.R. 1-6733
Official Records 6734 - 16444
Official Records 16445 - 34039
Official Records 34040 - 50605
Official Records 50607 - 56541 and D1 - D1194
Official Records D1195 - D2684

County Abstracts Table
Book D Book E Book K Book M

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