The maps available on this website may be hand-drawn from originals before copying equipment became available.
Please make an appointment with the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorders Office to view the original maps.

Recorders Filed Maps

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From the Recorders Filed Map table below, click on the range of numbers that your Recorders Filed Map number is in. Then select your Recorders Filed Map number to download.

Image Properties:
Recorders Filed Maps are named with a leading "RF" (for Recorders Filed Map) followed by a four-digit number (e.g. RF0006.pdf)

Most file sizes vary from 82KB to 17MB

Recorders Filed Maps
RF0006 RF0047 RF0085 RF0122 RF0168 RF0219 RF0255 RF0290 RF0325 RF0506 RF0552 RF0627
RF0007 RF0048 RF0086 RF0123 RF0169 RF0220 RF0256 RF0291 RF0326 RF0507 RF0556 RF0630R
RF0008 RF0049 RF0087 RF0125 RF0170 RF0221 RF0257 RF0292 RF0327 RF0508 RF0557 RF0652R
RF0009 RF0050 RF0089 RF0126 RF0171 RF0222 RF0258 RF0294 RF0328 RF0509 RF0558 RF0658R
RF0010 RF0051 RF0090 RF0128 RF0177 RF0223 RF0259 RF0295 RF0329 RF0511 RF0559 RF0660R
RF0011 RF0052 RF0091 RF0130 RF0178 RF0224 RF0260 RF0296 RF0330 RF0512 RF0560 RF0663R
RF0012 RF0053 RF0092 RF0132 RF0179 RF0226 RF0261 RF0297 RF0331 RF0515 RF0560R RF0684R
RF0013 RF0055 RF0093 RF0133 RF0182 RF0227 RF0262 RF0298 RF0332 RF0516 RF0561 RF0690R
RF0014 RF0056 RF0094 RF0134 RF0188 RF0228 RF0263 RF0299 RF0333 RF0520 RF0562 RF0695R
RF0015 RF0057 RF0095 RF0135 RF0189 RF0229 RF0264 RF0300 RF0334 RF0521 RF0563 RF0698R
RF0016 RF0058 RF0096 RF0139 RF0190 RF0230 RF0265 RF0301 RF0335 RF0522 RF0564 RF0703
RF0017 RF0059 RF0097 RF0140 RF0192 RF0231 RF0266 RF0302 RF0336 RF0523 RF0565 RF0708R
RF0018 RF0060 RF0098 RF0141 RF0193 RF0232 RF0267 RF0303 RF0337 RF0524 RF0566 RF0717R
RF0019 RF0062 RF0099 RF0142 RF0194 RF0233 RF0268 RF0304 RF0367 RF0525 RF0567 RF0728R
RF0020 RF0063 RF0100 RF0143 RF0195 RF0234 RF0269 RF0305 RF0373 RF0526 RF0569 RF0737R
RF0021 RF0064 RF0101 RF0144 RF0198 RF0235 RF0270 RF0306 RF0374 RF0526R RF0579 RF0750R
RF0022 RF0065 RF0102 RF0145 RF0199 RF0236 RF0271 RF0307 RF0375 RF0527 RF0583 RF0752R
RF0023 RF0066 RF0103 RF0146 RF0201 RF0237 RF0272 RF0308 RF0376 RF0529 RF0593 RF0756R
RF0024 RF0067 RF0105 RF0147 RF0202 RF0238 RF0274 RF0309 RF0379 RF0531 RF0594 RF0778R
RF0025 RF0069 RF0107 RF0148 RF0203 RF0239 RF0275 RF0310 RF0380 RF0532 RF0595 RF0790R
RF0026 RF0070 RF0108 RF0150 RF0204 RF0240 RF0276 RF0311 RF0394 RF0533 RF0599 RF0810R
RF0027 RF0071 RF0109 RF0151 RF0205 RF0241 RF0277 RF0312 RF0405 RF0534 RF0600 RF0814R
RF0028 RF0072 RF0110 RF0153 RF0206 RF0242 RF0278 RF0313 RF0409 RF0535 RF0601 RF0820R
RF0032 RF0073 RF0111 RF0154 RF0207 RF0243 RF0279 RF0314 RF0411 RF0536 RF0604R RF0843R
RF0033 RF0074 RF0112 RF0156 RF0208 RF0244 RF0280 RF0315 RF0412 RF0537 RF0607 RF0870R
RF0034 RF0075 RF0113 RF0158 RF0209 RF0245 RF0281 RF0316 RF0462 RF0538 RF0608-1 RF0903R
RF0036 RF0076 RF0114 RF0159 RF0210 RF0246 RF0282 RF0317 RF0472 RF0541 RF0608-2 RF0906R
RF0039 RF0077 RF0115 RF0160 RF0211 RF0247 RF0283 RF0318 RF0473 RF0543 RF0608-3 RF0917R
RF0040 RF0078 RF0116 RF0161 RF0212 RF0249 RF0284 RF0319 RF0495 RF0545 RF0612 RF0925R
RF0042 RF0079 RF0117 RF0162 RF0213 RF0250 RF0285 RF0320 RF0500 RF0546 RF0612R RF0926R
RF0043 RF0080 RF0118 RF0164 RF0214 RF0251 RF0286 RF0321 RF0502 RF0546R RF0614 RF0927R
RF0044 RF0081 RF0119 RF0165 RF0215 RF0252 RF0287 RF0322 RF0503 RF0547R RF0615 RF0963R
RF0045 RF0082 RF0120 RF0166 RF0216 RF0253 RF0288 RF0323 RF0504 RF0549 RF0616 RF1083
RF0046 RF0083 RF0121 RF0167 RF0217 RF0254 RF0289 RF0324

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