Network Map

This map displays the current LA County Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) 2025 Network. The LA County BMP project team integrated the feedback that we received through the engagement period in Fall 2023. Thank you to all who shared their ideas and comments.

The 2025 BMP network includes on-street bikeways and off-street bike paths:

  • On-street bikeways: Bikeways, such as bike lanes and bike routes, that are primarily located on streets with vehicle travel lanes.
  • Off-street paths: Bike paths, also known as bike trails or shared-use paths, with space just for bicyclists and pedestrians, away from vehicles.

Please note that this map focuses on unincorporated LA County communities and flood channels that span the County. The Proposed Off-Street Bike Paths make up a regional network that is visionary in nature. It includes County owned and maintained segments in addition to segments owned by other cities and agencies within the County.

How was the network developed? The draft network was guided by our two principles of safety and connectivity. Read more about our Draft Network Methodology.

How was the draft network updated? The draft network was refined with feedback from community members and stakeholders during winter 2023 - 2024. Read more about our Network Update Methodology.

Questions? If you have a question or comment you would like to share with the project team, please email