Water Rates

Your Billing Code is shown as the 3-character code below your billing address on your water bill.

Waterworks DistrictBilling Code
Marina del Rey Water SystemF17, I17, W17
District No. 21, Kagel CanyonI01, W01
District No. 29, MalibuF03, F05, F07, F09, I03, I05, I07, I09, W03, W05, W07, W09
District No. 36, Val VerdeF12, I12, W12, W14
District No. 37, ActonF15, I15, W15
District No. 40, Antelope Valley
Region 04, LancasterNon-Tiered Rates – FA2, FB2, FC2, IA2, IB2, IC2, WA2, WB2, WC2
Tiered Rates – IA1, IAA, IAB, IB1, IC1, ICA, ICB, WA1, WAA, WAB, WB1, WBA, WBB, WC1, WCA, WCB
Region 24, PearblossomNon-Tiered Rates – WD2
Tiered Rates – WD1
Region 27, LittlerockNon-Tiered Rates – FF2, WF2
Tiered Rates – IF1, WF1
Region 33, Sun VillageNon-Tiered Rates – FH2, WH2
Tiered Rates – IH1, WH1
Region 34, Desert View HighlandsNon-Tiered Rates – FK2, FL2, IJ2, IK2, IL2, IM2, WJ2, WK2, WL2
Tiered Rates – IJ1, IK1, IKA, IKB, WJ1, WJA, WJB, WK1, WKA, WKB, WL1, WLA, WLB, WM1, WMA, WMB
Region 35, NE Los Angeles CountyNon-Tiered Rates – FQ2, KEY, WQ2
Tiered Rates – WQ1
Region 38, Lake Los AngelesNon-Tiered Rates – FR2, IR2, WR2, WT2
Tiered Rates – IR1, WR1, WT1
Region 39, Rock CreekNon-Tiered Rates – WU2
Tiered Rates – WU1

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