Eco-Friendly Gardening: Thrive with Less Water

Gardening accounts for nearly 70% of water usage in single-family homes, highlighting the lawn and garden as prime areas for water conservation. By choosing landscaping that requires less water, such as drought-tolerant plants and native species, you can reduce outdoor water use by up to 50%. This approach not only beautifies your yard but also leads to significant water and financial savings.

Embrace Native Beauty: Your Guide to Drought-Resistant Gardening

Drought-tolerant and native Californian plants are critical to a lush, low-water garden. These resilient species can slash your home’s outdoor water consumption by hundreds of gallons annually. Once established, they need far less water and upkeep than traditional garden plants, allowing you to enjoy your vibrant yard with minimal effort. By integrating native plants, you support local wildlife and ease environmental pressures.

Download Your Local Drought-Resistant Plant Guide:

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Embrace the beauty and sustainability of drought-tolerant gardening to create a thriving, eco-conscious outdoor space.

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The Drought Tolerant Garden for Los Angeles County: Explore over 500 species suited to our climate.
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