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Drought Tolerant & Native Plants

The Drought Tolerant Garden
Drought Tolerant Plants for Dist. 29

Incorporating drought tolerant and native California plants into your garden can help spruce up your yard and save water. These plants help to conserve hundreds of gallons of water each year for a single family home! After California native and drought tolerant plants are established in the soil, they’ll require substantially less water and maintenance than traditional landscaping plants, so you can spend less time watering and more time in the yard enjoying your plants. By planting California native plants and reducing water use, you’re not only saving yourself time and money, but you’re creating a habitat for birds and butterflies and helping reduce the strain on the environment as well!

Click below to download your local guide to drought tolerant and native plants:
The Drought Tolerant Garden for Los Angeles County (Over 500 species of native plants)
Drought Tolerant Plants for District 29
Santa Clarita Gardens

For information on how to select and care for native plants, visit these sites:

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