Doing Business with the County Airports
Minimum Standards & Permits

Consistent with the Department of Public Works objective to promote quality General Aviation products, services, and facilities at the County-owned airports, Minimum Standards and Permits have been established and are enforced.

The Minimum Standards establish minimum requirements pertaining to such items as facility size, qualifications, personnel, equipment, hours of activity and insurance to be met by all persons as a condition for the privilege to conduct certain aeronautical activities or provide commercial aeronautical products, services, or facilities at the County owned airports. Common types of commercial activities occurring at the County-owned airports include aircraft maintenance, aircraft rental, and flight training. However, the Minimum Standards also cover several less common but relevant activities, such as noncommercial self-fueling (fueling an entity's own aircraft with the entity's own equipment) and commercial fueling (providing aviation fuels on a commercial basis).

The permits are intended to ensure that commercial aeronautical operators and self-fueling activities are properly licensed, certified, and insured, and comply with all relevant regulatory measures, including the Minimum Standards.

Airport Minimum Standards & Permits