County of Los Angeles Departmental Recycling Program

County Policy

The County has adopted specific policies to recycle and reduce waste. These include:
  • Purchase of Re-refined Oil
    Adopted in 1998, this Board Motion directs departments to purchase and use re-refined motor oil in all County motorized vehicles and equipment. More information on re-refined oil can be obtained from the CalRecycle Rerefined Oil page.
  • Purchase of Recycled-Content Paper
    Adopted in 1999, this Board Motion directs departments to purchase and utilize recycled-content paper.
  • Departmental Recycling Board Directives
    Adopted in 2004, these directives guide the departmental recycling program. While, initially, the directives helped jump-start the County's Department Recycling Program, now they serve as a reminder to County employees and supervisors that the Department Recycling Program is Board mandated.
  • Electronic E-Waste Surplus Policy
    Adopted in 2006, these policies ask for departments to post their surplus PCs and related computer equipment on the County's Surplus Property Website for claiming by approved nonprofit organizations.
  • Recycling Used Printer Cartridges
    Adopted in 2007, this Board Motion authorizes the Director of Internal Services to promote recycling of used printer cartridges by establishing a program whereby County Departments can provide used printer cartridges to support qualified charitable organizations within the County.
  • Energy and Environmental Purchasing Policy
    Adopted in 2007, these policies ask for departments to follow the County's "green" initiatives goals by purchasing products that minimize environmental impacts, such as products made from recycled-content.
  • Utilizing Recycled-Content Paper and Reducing Paper Use
    CEO memorandum sent in 2008 to all department heads, based on a Board Order to reduce paper-based correspondence in County operations. Policies include instruction to copy/print double-sided and utilize recycled-content paper.
  • Utilizing Recycled-Content Paper, Collection and Recycling of Paper and Beverage Containers
    Adopted in 2008, this Board Motion directs departments to purchase and use paper with no less than 30% recycled content, implement beverage container collection and recycling services from a menu of options, and establish an agreement for paper collection and recycling services.
  • Identifying Qualified Vendors for the Collection and Recycling of Beverage Containers and Procuring Recycled-Content Paper
    In response to 2009 Board Directive to 1) identify non-profit organizations to partner with the County on a gratis basis, for the collection and recycling of beverage containers, and 2) to eliminate purchase of recycled-content paper with less than 30% recycled-content from non-ISD procured order.
  • Toner Cartridge Policy
    CEO memorandum sent in 2009 to all department heads to implement the purchase and use of remanufactured laser toner cartridges, where available, for all black and white desktop printers and copiers.
  • Ban on EPS food containers
    Adopted in 2010, this Board Motion restricts the use and purchase of expanded polystyrene food (styrofoam) containers at County operations.
  • Ban on Plastic Carryout Bags
    Adopted in 2010, this Board Motion phases out the use of plastic carryout bags at all County-operated facilities and offices, including commercial food and beverage suppliers at County-sponsored events at County-operated facilities and offices.
  • County Strategic Plan
    Released by the CEO, it states..."Provide services and operate facilities in a manner that reduces consumption of energy, water, and other resources; promotes the use of renewable energy sources; enhances quality of life; and continues to protect the environment." (Goal 2, Strategy 5).
  • Restriction on Plastic Drinking Straws and Stirrers
    Adopted in 2018 and effective January 2019, LA County restricts the usage of plastic drinking straws and stirrers at businesses in unincorporated areas.
  • Restriction on Single Use Foodware Accessories
    Adopted in 2021, this Board Motion expands the Plastic Straws and Stirrers Upon Request Ordinance to prohibit all food facilities in unincorporated areas, including County facilities, from providing single use foodware accessories such as straws, forks, condiment packets, napkins, etc. and non-plastic straws and stirrers unless requested by the customer.
  • Reduce Single Use Plastics Policy and Organic Waste Policy
    Adopted in 2021, the Reduce Single Use Plastics Policy seeks to reduce the use of single use plastics at County operations beginning with the phase out of single use plastic food service ware at County facilities and in County contracts. This policy also establishes guidelines for planning County-sponsored events to be as waste free as possible.
  • The Organic Waste Policy sets expectations for County departments to maximize organic waste diversion, procure products made from recovered organic waste, such as compost and renewable natural gas, and ensure compliance with Senate Bill 1383 requirements.
Fact Sheet on Program History and Policies